22nd April 2016

Frost Protection Advice!

To all the Owners and Users of Frostbusters and Frostguards just thought we would remind you of a some important information:

The operating temperature of all trailed machines should be 80 – 85 degrees.
The operating temperature of all low outlet static machines should be 75 – 80 degrees.
Please check with an accurate digital thermometer -  the temperature gauges in the control box and in the outlet of the frost guards only give an indication and can be 10 degrees out.

More heat does not mean better frost protection.

The action of the machine is to evaporate some of the ice that has formed on the leaves or flowers as the warm air passes.  The evaporated moisture then re-forms on the plant until the warm air passes again.  This cycle of evaporation and returning to ice is the key to the protection. So a high temperature is not beneficial, neither is short interval between warn air passes.

Obvious - but don't forget to ensure that all machines (and tractors where required) are fully fuelled and gassed.

Speak to us with any queries or concerns and let's hope the cold spell soon passes.

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