29th July 2016

Brief end of July News!

Golly what a busy month we have had! We started the month giving some very successful demonstrations of the double sided Ladurner cultivator in vineyards. It made a superb job of the ground in and around the vines using it's sensitive hydraulic sensing feelers.

We delivered some Perfect RF mowers which have a swing arm and are for use in solar farms for maintenance. Also delivered has been a Bullion power harrow for landscaping, some BMV vine trimmers for leaf trimming and various tractors and sprayers for orchards and vineyards.

We were very pleased to welcome Stefan Braun from Braun Maschinen in Germany to update us on their latest cultivation tool - the 'Rollhacke' finger weeder. We have a unit for demonstration, so visited a local vineyard to test it out. It made a fabulous job of break down clods, lifting the weeds and working the soil without moving it too far or throwing it into the row. We can see this being a very popular method of weed control in vineyards.

The Fruit Focus exhibition was a great day. The ProbotIQ (from Precision Makers) driverless Fendt tractor demonstrations were a hit (no pun intended) and created a real stir with several serious enquiries from forward thinking growers. This technology is an add-on to Fendt Vario tractors, intergrating with the electronic control units so it is able to fully control the tractor autonomously.

At Fruit Focus we were also pleased to show the new FelcoTronic 811 electric secateur which sits in the range between the 801 (30mm max. cut) and the 820 (45mm max. cut). The new 811 is able to cut up to 35mm and is actually lighter, more powerful and quicker than 801 - looks to be a great tool!

Our Engineers have been installing a new Bucher Vaslin Inertys grape press, a new Perfect Uni-Line grader and also a large Aweta Calistar grading line amongst the normal machinery repairs.

Thank you to all those that support us in so many ways - we really appreciate it.

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