Product Benefits

    • 70, 80, 90, 100 and 110 HP
    • Four Wheel Drive
    • 3 widths: V, F or P
    • Vario stepless transmission 200 metres per hour to 40 kilometres per hour totally smoothly
    • Programmable ‘cruise control’ for forward speed & rpm
    • Exceptional fuel economy
    • Fabulous flat floor and lots of cab space due to no transmission tunnel
    • Ergonomically designed market leading comfort cab
    • Increased working area
    • coverage through Vario continuously variable transmission
    • Reduced travelling times through Vario transmission – increased and decreased speed achieved easily.
    • RME biodiesel can be used

    Fendt 200 Vario V/F/P

    The Fendt 200 Vario range has been designed to give maximum ride and operator comfort along with taking optimum efficiency in mind. They are also the first and only narrow tractors with a full stepless transmission on the market.

    This range of tractors is available in three width versions as with previous ranges: a narrow ‘V’ to suit vineyards and orchards, starting at an overall width of 1070mm, a medium width ‘F’ for orchards on wider spacings and then a wide ‘P’ for wide orchards and hops. Models are available from 70 to 110 horsepower with four wheel drive.

    The Vario stepless transmission is a fantastic tool and allows working speeds from 200 metres per hour to 40 kilometres per hour totally smoothly and without jerking. The joystick is a break from traditional levers but is easily got to grips with. You can program the ‘cruise control’ with forward speed and rpm so with one press of a button everything is set to work up the row pulverising, spraying or hoeing etc.  With this one joystick you are able to carry out many operations that would previously have required multiple levers.

    The overall profitability of a tractor is important and fuel consumption plays a crucial role here. With the Vario transmission, it is easy to always drive the tractor at an economical optimum, which greatly reduces fuel consumption. The 40 km/hr top speed is achieved at a fuel-saving 1750 rpm.

    The savings potential of the continuously variable transmission is clearly noticeable. As well as profiting from lower fuel consumption you can save valuable working time. The ease of increasing and decreasing speed and returning to a pre-programmed speed (like cruise-control) means a higher working area is covered, along with reducing the travelling times to and from jobs.

    With continuously variable speeds you can utilise power reserves that are not available to modern power shift transmissions. The Vario allows you to mobilise the power reserves that are hidden in between the steps. That provides power flow without interruptions.

    The Vario TMS (Tractor Management System) goes a step further and regulates the engine and transmission control when not in PTO work. This greatly increases operating comfort as the tractor can be driven in pedal mode which minimises the engine speed and maximises the forward speed according to the load – making for far more economical transporting and operating.

    The new 3 cylinder Sisu engine was specially developed for these tractors in collaboration with Fendt engineers. It has a very compact design, a speed independent common rail high injection system as well as fully electronic engine control. The high performance injection system and the AGRex external exhaust gas recirculation system complement each other, providing targeted cooling of recirculated exhaust, which significantly lowers fuel consumption compared with internal exhaust gas recirculation systems. A newly designed highly efficient cooling system, results in less debris in the radiator and optimal cooling performance.  The special engine air filter guarantees a long service life.

    The proven hydraulic system allows for fast lifting and high oil delivery rates for economical and precise operation.  All spool valves have flow control so the speed of operation of external machines can be simply controlled from the tractor.

    The comfort cab is easy to climb in and out of – with a completely flat floor as there is no transmission tunnel and no gear levers in your way! The steering wheel is height and tilt-adjustable so that cannot impair your access along with ensuring you are in the right position to help keep you comfortable. Visibility is outstanding to all sides along with a roof window for viewing work at height.  The efficient heating and ventilation system with integral air-conditioning ensures an optimum work environment.

    The controls are all ergonomically designed around the right-hand side and within easy reach to make working with the hydraulic functions as easy and comfortable as possible.

    In conclusion, the Fendt 200 Vario narrow tractors have award-winning advanced technologies with superb specifications as standard to adequately cover requirements from specialist equipment mounted to the front, mid and/or rear of the tractor. Maximum Operator productivity provided by an ergonomically designed comfort cab.

    Fendt are premium tractors that stand for quality, longevity, reliability and long-term good value for money. Buying quality from Fendt pays you dividends!

    * These tractors are now available with ProbotIQ driverless technology fitted as an option. It uses patented Teach & Playback technology to autonomise tasks and increase productivity. Do speak to us for further information.

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