Links to other websites that may be of interest, including some steam engine sites that we enjoyed!

Agrofer bin trailers and spreaders:

Frost protection from Belgium:

Aweta grading systems from Holland:

Berthoud sprayers from France:

Besseling Agri-Technic (Controlled Atmosphere Storage):

BMV (Trimmers):

Braun vineyard equipment:

Bucher Winery/Fruit Pressing equipment

Burg water-dumping and flotation systems:

Campagnola, Italian pruning tools stocked by us:

Carraro tractors:

Clemens vineyard and winery equipment:

Darwin Mechanical Blossom Thinner – Fruit-Tec:

Mechanical thinning with Darwin:

Fendt tractors, German quality technology: 

Fischer mowers from north Italy :

IMetos temperature warning systems: 

Ladurner cultivators:

OCLL Carrarospray, manufacturers of Italian sprayers:

Orsi Picking and Working Platforms:

Perfect machines including mowers, pulverisers, toppers and grading systems:

Precision Makers – autonomous tractor technology –

Site full of good Steam engine pictures from various rallies:

Biddenden Tractorfest 22nd & 23rd August 2015

The English Apple Man – a website dedicated to informing consumers about how the apples they buy in Supermarkets, Greengrocers, Farm Shops and other outlets are grown, harvested and marketed: