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Our machinery range includes cultivators, power harrows, mowers, pulverisers, bin trailers, compost spreaders, tractor mounted forklifts, pruning equipment and secateurs, trimmers, frost protection equipment, weather stations and picking platforms.

Agrofer Self-unloading Picking Trailers

Agrofer Side Discharge Spreader

Agrofer Vineyard Picking Trailer

BMV Orchard Trimmer FL600P

BMV Orchard Trimmer FL800P

BMV Vineyard Cutter DE800

BMV Vineyard Defoliator

BMV Vineyard Trimmer E600A

Braun Rollhacke

Braun Undervine Hoe

Braun Vario Cultivator

Braun Vine Stem Cleaner

Bullion Flail Mowers/Pulverisers

Bullion Power Harrow

Bullion Shakerator

Clemens Cultivation Equipment

Darwin Blossom Thinner

ERO Trimmers

Felco Electric Secateurs

Felco Manual Secateurs

Fischer Mower BV2

Fischer Mower GL4

Fischer Mower SL 2 / 3 / 4



KRM variable rate spreader

Ladurner Cultivator

Perfect BG2 Pulveriser

Perfect BGM Pulveriser

Perfect Brush Sweep

Perfect DR Variable Width Mowers

Perfect Flail Toppers Series KC

Perfect Flail Toppers Series KT

Perfect RF Rotary Mowers – Swing-Wing Models

Perfect Rotary Mowers model LF

Perfect Rotary Toppers Series LB

Perfect Solo-Swing

Perfect T&RN Rotary Mowers

Perfect TKF/TKR mower


Pessl iMetos Crop View


Pessl iMetos iScout


Pessl iMetos Trackers

Pessl iMetos Weather Stations

Root Pruner

Tecnoagri Pallet Carriers

Tecnoagri Tractor Mounted Forklifts

Working Platform