Burg Sponge Dryer

  • Description

    Burg makes a wide range of dryers which can have a fan added for extra capacity.
    All their dryers are easy to use and clean.

    Their range inlcudes:
    DAP Dryer – drying is done with sponge rollers.
    DAP Pelgrim – fitted with special device to prevent fruit from pushing each other. Ideal for softer fruit.
    DRT-800 – rotating and transporting dryer. Rotation of sponge rollers dries the fruit. Sponge rollers are moved forward so the fruit don’t roll over the sponges, they stay between two sponge rollers.
    Bio wash/brush/dry machine DA-BIO – Bio-dryer with brushing device. Fitted with spraying section above brushes. Ideal for fruit with soil residues.