KRM variable rate spreader

  • Description

    KRM L1 Trend

    Orchard & Vineyard Fertiliser Band Spreader

    Band spreading, fixed speed or Variable rate spreading using either GPS forward speed or prescription maps.

    Hopper width of only 125 cm.
    Band spreading kit made of stainless steel for long service life.
    Ideal for use in vineyards, fruit orchards and berry production.
    Without row equipment, the spreader can work at spread widths from 10 to 18 metres.
    The 2-row equipment is easily mounted and dismounted using only a single lever.
    The row equipment places the fertiliser in 100-120 cm bands around the plant base.
    Row spacing can be infinitely adjusted between 1.5 and 5 metres.

    For bulk bag fertiliser.

    With KRM Icon control and Patchwork BlackBox Advance using a GPS signal and a prescription map following soil sampling. We offer a system that can very efficiently place the right amount of fertilizer exactly where needed. This has potential input costs savings to improve your profitability.

    Hopper sizes 500ltr, 700ltr or 900ltr
    Hopper cover
    Rear ladder
    Manual or Hydraulic shut off (non GPS machines)
    Icon Variable rate calibration controller
    Patchwork BlackBox Advance GPS kit (Auto-Switch)

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