Berthoud Mounted Speedair Sprayer

This sprayer is truly directional making it more environmentally friendly, as you can arrange the nozzles to spray the required area of the plant and nothing else.

The tank is shaped to fit as close to the tractor as possible for maximum weight transfer and reduced length to facilitate turning out of narrow rows.

A proven 60 L/Min diaphragm pump provides a good output for the 8 Albuz hollow cone nozzles situated on each air outlet.
There is an option of 2 sizes of nozzle on each nozzle holder.

Tank rinsing is from 55 litre on board tank and there is also a 20 Litre hand wash tank.

The tank sight gauge is a floating marker so visible from all sides.

Available in 600 Litre mounted, 1000 and 1500 Litre trailed.

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