Berthoud Trailed Fructair Sprayer

This range of sprayers has been introduced to replace the renowned ‘Arbo’ series. The new ‘Fructair’ is much more streamlined and compact, with a smooth polyethylene tank for passing under the lowest trees without damage.

The TC is based on simplicity with a standard 840mm rear intake fan.
The TI benefits from a new generation air flow system – a reverse intake 900mm
axial fan taking the upper air and therefore preventing leaves and rubbish from being drawn into the fan. TheT2i is equipped with an ‘Air Control’ device which allows the output to be varied by modulating the flow rate at the intake. Adjustable deflectors are used to obstruct the airflow thus allowing it to be adjusted to the volume of vegetation.

The single piece chassis is manufactured from U-beams open to the outside which enables easier cleaning and limits corrosion and is available galvanised rather than painted, if required.

The optional  ‘Airline Tower’ has been designed to allow precise targeting making this sprayer truly environmentally friendly.

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