Bucher JLB

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In 2014, NP Seymour was appointed as the UK agent for Bucher Vaslin, supplying and servicing a full range of winery equipment including pneumatic and basket presses, belt elevators and pumps, sorting tables, destemmers, cross-flow filters and maceration tanks.

A balance between tradition and modernity, the Bucher JLB automated basket press, which comes in two sizes, 1,200kg or 2,000kg, eliminates any constraints of the old basket presses and is attractive, movable and space-saving, allowing it to be easily be integrated in any cellar.

With intuitive programming the JLB is controlled by a PLC with eight programmes and nine stages for each programme. There is the possibility to set constant pressure, pomace breathing, or a sequence of programmes. Winemakers can also modify parameters during pressing and can see a real time display of hydraulic pressure, pressure on pomace, elapsed time and the programme in progress. 

There is a maximum pressure on the pomace of approximately 4.5 bar or 9 bar for the 12 HL model, and 5 bar for the 20 HL one. Plate thrust cylinders and speed control ensure a perfect pressure distribution for an optimal drying.

The perforated pressing cage is made of stainless steel with a defined perforation rate for an optimal flow property without any modification in the juice auto-filtration principle. At the end of the pressing operation, this cage is raised for automatic demoulding of the press-cake which can then be easily removed with a rotative fork-lift truck.