Bucher XPlus IT

22 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 62 / 80

In 2014, NP Seymour was appointed as the UK agent for Bucher Vaslin, supplying and servicing a full range of winery equipment including pneumatic and basket presses, belt elevators and pumps, sorting tables, destemmers, cross-flow filters and maceration tanks.

Most people come to NP Seymour looking for a Bucher Vaslin pneumatic press, of which there is a vast range of different models to suit all winemakers. 

Thanks to the Bucher XPlus IT press, winemakers can take advantage of the latest Bucher Vaslin technological developments, including organ programming, the ability to press under inert gas, and 4G connection to smartphone.

Available in a range of sizes, from 1,300kg to 4,800kg whole bunch, the Bucher XPlus is fitted as standard with two wide, sliding and totally watertight doors for easy filling, with the option for a wide central opening with two longitudinal doors to be fitted on the XPlus22, XPlus30 and XPlus 40. 

There is an easily accessible fixed juice trough located at end of the press with must drain-off from slotted channels located in the bottom of the press. The internal pomace guiding system, which is made up of spiral elements set under the membrane, allowing for fast and complete emptying of the press. For totally controlled hygiene there is a high-pressure washer fitted as standard on the XPlus50, XPlus 62 and XPlus80, and optional on the XPlus22, XPlus30 and XPlus 40 which washes the dejuicing channels from the inside.

The automatic programming consists of four successive cycle times and is ideal for any type of variety and crop, whether whole cluster, destemmed or fermented. There are six modifiable programs available and the winemaker can adapt programming parameters before and during pressing. Sequential programming is particularly suited to whole cluster or fermented red grapes. 

Exclusive to Bucher Vaslin, organ programming is a tank management method based on the measurement of the juice drain-off rate in the press juice bin. These measurements are transmitted to the software for the management of draining and pressing cycles.

Bucher Vaslin is also well-known for its Inertys pressing feature, which allows winemakers to press under controlled atmosphere and guarantees that 100% of the pressed juices are extracted without oxidation. As operations take place in a closed-loop, gas can be recycled keeping costs down. The process is entirely automatic and is available for the Bucher XPlus 22 to 80. 

Finally, with the Winect® app, winemakers can get progress information anytime on their smartphone including program in progress, remaining time, pressure and flow rate. Alerts can be sent via email or SMS to provide notifications during the pressing cycle, such as the end of pressing, juice selection or when the press stopping.