Bucher XPro

5 / 8 / 15

In 2014, NP Seymour was appointed as the UK agent for Bucher Vaslin, supplying and servicing a full range of winery equipment including pneumatic and basket presses, belt elevators and pumps, sorting tables, destemmers, cross-flow filters and maceration tanks.

Most people come to NP Seymour looking for a Bucher Vaslin pneumatic press, of which there is a vast range of different models to suit all winemakers.

Designed to process whole bunches, destemmed and/or crushed grapes as well as fermented pomace, the Bucher XPro is especially dedicated for a selection of qualitative batches. Compact, easy to handle and simple to use the Bucher XPro press capacities range from 300kg to 900kg whole bunch, or 800kg to 2,400kg crushed grapes.

The XPro 5 and XPro 8 are available in single-phase, with the XPro 15 offering three-phase. All models come with large openings for easy filling and quick emptying and the closed tank with self-cleaning perforated channels (Bucher patent) facilitates must removal while pressing and to get fewer solids.

In-tank maceration is made possible thanks to cap plugs located at the end of the channels and there is a watertight polyurethane membrane specifically designed and approved for extended contact with grapes, grape juices and wines.

The Bucher XPro comes with two different settings, automatic and Prim’Step, with a working pressure of up to 2bar. Axial filling is also an option on the Bucher XPro 15.