Carraro Agricube

The Agricube range from Carraro allows us to offer growers a more ergonomic and competitively priced tractor, without compromising on specification.

After previously stocking the range of Renault narrow tractors, we stayed in direct contact with the Italian manufacturer, Carraro, eventually becoming the UK importer and distributor for these competitively priced compact fruit and vineyard tractors in 2005.

Having released its first tractor in 1958, Carraro is a well-established brand and remains one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist machinery.

In 2010 Carraro relaunched its own-brand tractors with the Agricube series. As part of the regulations designed to limit emissions, Carraro once again renewed its Agricube range in 2017, with the introduction of the new Stage IIIB engine. As well as the new 3,400CC FPT engines, with the exhaust gas post-treatment system located outside the engine bonnet, Carraro has also added more models and options for growers to choose from.

The Agricube series of narrow and compact tractors from Carraro has been designed specifically to meet the challenges faced when working in specialist crops and growers can choose from three widths, V, VL and F. Axle combinations cover all widths ranging from 1.10m up to 1.60m for the V; 1.35m to 1.70m for the VL; and 1.50m to 1.95m for the F. Well suited to working in orchards and vineyards alike, we usually find that the Agricube VL is the most popular with our customers.

Growers can choose from five horsepower curves ranging from 75 to 105hp, with four-wheel drive and transmission is 24 forward and 24 reverse with mechanical reverser. Depending on ground conditions and gradient, growers can opt for 24” or 28” tyres.

Cabs are comfortable, ergonomically designed, quiet and come with an air-sprung seat to keep operators content. On the renewed Agricube models, the console has been redesigned to make inside the cab is also more spacious while also optimising the position of switches and controllers to facilitate operator comfort and providing more storage space.

With minimal electronics and a focus on mechanical controls, the Carraro units are generally easier to maintain, yet still benefit from a comfortable cab and come equipped with the necessary features, such as plenty of spool valves and good flow rates, to make operating modern tractor-mounted implements as hassle-free as possible.

Carraro’s entire range is designed and built at its plant in Rovigo, Italy, and today the firm continues to produce specialist tractors for a number of other well-known brands under its Agritalia division.