Clemens Cultivation Equipment

Mechanical under vine cultivators are not a one-size-fits-all product. Modern systems can be incredibly sophisticated and before choosing a make or model, growers need to think about what they are trying to achieve. 

Designed to deal well with hardy weeds, the Clemens is the most effective, robust and comprehensive mechanical weed control tool available to growers in the UK, making ideal for use in organic and biodynamic vineyards.

One of the more premium options on the market, the Clemens system has been designed and built to suit growers who need to be able to do everything in just one pass, and vineyard managers often notice that the Clemens will do a more thorough job, with the effects lasting noticeably longer.

Growers first need to select a suitable tool carrier from which to mount one or several of the wide range of implements on offer. The SB2 is the ideal frame to accommodate the modern under vine care systems such as the Radius SL, Radius SL Plus and the Multiclean. Available for working widths from 1,740 mm to 3,200 mm, depending on the equipment attached, the SB2 frame can be front- or rear-mounted and can be hydraulically adjusted to the row width.

A robust solution for narrow alleys, the SB Compact frame is also either front- or rear-mounted and covers three different working width ranges between 1480 mm and 2520 mm. Growers can also opt for a mid-mounting frame which allows for multiple operations to be completed in one pass, saving time and money.

A versatile selection of tools and accessories ensure that all Clemens systems can be suitably adapted to work in different conditions.

The Clemens Radius SL weeder cultivator blades effectively undercut the topsoil and cut the root structure of the weeds, while an optional rotary tiller incorporates the topsoil, acting like a small power harrow. With the wide range of mounting options, the blade weeder has been able to cope with the most diverse soil conditions, vegetation types and crop types worldwide for decades. There is also delicate sensor technology to ensure clean work around the vine.

The Radius SL Plus offers all the advantages of the SL and even more. In addition to the blade, additional implements such as driven disks, a rotary cultivator and swing-wing mower can also be mounted quickly.

The easily adjustable Finger Roller, which is available with up to three discs, can also provide efficient weed control and is usually the machine of choice, especially on steep slopes, because it leaves no edge that can develop into a water channel. Ideal for young plants, or plantations with very crooked vines, the Finger Hoe gently removes soil and weeds directly around the vine and so a clean result can be achieved.

Finally, the Clemens Multiclean has been praised by growers for its dual purpose ability to significantly reduce the cost of bud rubbing while also helping growers take weeds back to ground level. This is possible due to the mulching brush which effectively removes the shoots and at the same time control weeds in the undervine area without interfering with the soil structure. The Multiclean is particularly low in vibration and has extremely robust and smooth strings, which are gentle on the vines. There is also an over-the-row frame available which includes a one-sided hydraulic lift for uneven surfaces and allows operators to mechanically adjust the distance between the brushes via a top link or hydraulically.