Clemens ECO ROLL

The “ECO-Roll” BIO mulch roller is the alternative to mulching.

Ideal for regenerative and sustainable vineyard and orchard management.

The Clemens “ECO-Roll” is perfect for wildflower and cover crop crimping.

It compresses the vegetation as the spades fitted to the roller bend and knock down the stalks, thereby producing a carpet of mulch that suppresses weeds and encourages good shaded composting.

Designed to ensure a good crimp and less bounce back of material, it conserves the moisture in the soil and the plants then grow through and produce the next carpet of organic material.

With legumes, this method stimulates the growth of the rhizobia and increases nitrogen fixing.

It is available in a front or rear mounted option, although should ideally be front mounted so you can push the plant material over before driving over it.

Widths are available from 400mm right up to 2m.

Advantages of the ECO :

  • Can be combined with any process
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be attached at front or back
  • Various sizes
  • Width adjustment