Clemens MultiClean

Growers have praised the Clemens MultiClean for its dual-purpose ability to significantly reduce bud rubbing costs while helping growers take weeds back to ground level.

This is possible due to the mulching brush, which effectively acts like a vine stem cleaner by removing the shoots and, simultaneously, controlling weeds in the under-vine area, like a strimmer would, without interfering with the soil structure.

The MultiClean is particularly low in vibration and has extremely robust and smooth strings, which are gentle on the vines.


  • Working shaft conical 380 mm with 20 special smooth cords
  • Hydraulically driven by oil motor
  • Oil capacity: 16-24 l/min.
  • Control valves: 1x simple-acting, 1x free return

The MultiClean can be mounted on the Clemens SB Compact, SB 2 and SB Orchard tool carrier, column lifters, and various mowers (including the Braun Alpha).

There is also an over-the-row frame available which includes a one-sided hydraulic lift for uneven surfaces and allows operators to mechanically adjust the distance between the brushes via a top link or hydraulically.

The MultiClean comes in three different sizes making it suitable for both vineyards and orchards.

Hydraulic requirement:1x single-acting1x single-acting1x single-acting
Oil requirement (for two-sided operation series connection):16 – 24 l/min16 – 38,5 l/min30 – 35 l/min
Weight:ca. 40 kgca. 37 kgca. 90 kg
Clearing height:ca. 580 mm
(at 37,5° inclined position)
ca. 400 mm
(at 37,5° inclined position)
ca. 460 mm
(inclination not adjustable)