Delta Destemmers

Delta E1 is  a high quality, low flow-rate destemmer, dedicated to hand-picked grapes. The objective is to separate berries from their stems while keeping the intact during the operation. This is in order to reduce to a minimum the release of undesirable substances caused by tearing of stems. A ‘must’ for pinot noir!

Delta FC1 The crushing of destemmed and sorted grapes is essential for the quality of the wine, especially red varieties. The crushing enables the bursting of berries without crushing the seeds and damaging the pulp. The Delta FC1 crusher is compact and adaptable to many different configurations.

Delta Oscillys – NEW! This is a unique and patented destemmer process using a pendulum swing. An exclusive system that operates without a beater shaft or rotative cage and ensure an efficient destemming by reducing the amount of juice produced and preserving the integrity of the stems and of the berries.