Delta Oscillys Destemmer

This is a new destemming process exclusive to Bucher Vaslin that operates without beater shaft or rotating cage. It was designed specifically to reduce juice significantly during destemming with the objective of keeping the integrity of the berry.

Delta Oscillys uses an ample swinging motion of the cage(s) to separate the grapes from the stems by inertia (gravity).  It ensure an efficient and high quality destemming process.
Grapes are evenly and constantly fed into the Delta Oscillys hopper and then spread into one (Delta Oscillys 100 model) or two (Delta Oscyllis 200 model) cages.
The pendulum swing of the cage(s) moves the bunches from the top of the cage(s) and applies a graduated force as the bunches move into the cage towards the bottom.
The berries are separated from the stems by inertia (the force applied to the berries is stronger than berry/pedicel bond) and pass through the holes of the cage(s).
Under the cage(s), berries and stems are collected on a roller sorter in order to remove all undesirable elements (vegetative debris…).
The User can easily make adjustments according to the variety of grapes by setting the speed, the amplitude of swing and the diameter of the cage’s holes.