Delta Vibrating Trailer

For gentle handling of grapes from vineyard to winery.

This is designed for the reception and transfer of hand-picked or mechanically harvested grapes, with even unloading of grapes without crushing or bridging.

Technical Specifications
* Reception hopper in 3 mm thick – 304L Stainless steel.
* Vibrating plate in 304L stainless steel, thickness 4 mm, width 700 mm.
* Watertight between the vibrating plate and the reception hopper.
* Stainless steel draining grid of 304L with removable trapezoid.
* Juice reception container with inspection door and ball valve.
* Road legal trailer chassis in painted steel.
* 2 vibrating motors (0,62 Kw per motor) controlled by VSD.
* 4 rubber absorbers for noise reduction.