ERO Elite Defoliator

Benefiting from the highest defoliation quality on the market, the ERO Elite leaf stripper is rapidly becoming the mechanical defoliator of choice in the UK. 

By plucking the leaves gently from the vine without damaging fruit, these defoliators can be used from flowering all the way through to harvesting. Good ventilation in the fruiting zone reduces the risk of botrytis and other fungal diseases, improves spray targeting and efficacy, and also increases the exposure to sunlight.

The proven system of counter-rotating rollers, combined with new blower technology, delivers perfect results at high driving speeds. ERO, Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery, offers single in row, roll-over and double in row defoliator configurations, with up to four working heads, making them suitable for vineyards of all size and scale. 

The housing covers, made of stainless steel, can be opened in a few simple steps for cleaning. The angles of the masts and defoliator heads can be adjusted ‘on the go’ from within the cab, while the parallelogram linkage allows the heads to follow the contours of the canopy with optimised pressure to ensure good performance without damaging grapes in the process. 

A safety breakaway ensures minimal damage in the event of unexpected incidents, and the German-engineered components and system design have proven ERO vine defoliators to be industry-leading performers.