Perfect Rotary Toppers Series LB

The ‘Perfect’ series LB pasture toppers are sturdily built using a simple box construction. Long rounded skids on both sides follow the ground contours easily and allow fast working speeds up to 8-10km/h = 5-6.5mph.

An optional rear bolt-on steel roller is available to prevent skids marking soft ground for parkland use, and to prevent blades scalping on undulating ground.

The cut material is evenly spread over the full cutting width. A front plate prevents material being thrown forward.

Blades are made from special alloy spring steel, and have double cutting edges for 100% longer life. All cutter blades overlap generously to prevent striping. Optional swing-tip blades give added protection in rough or stony conditions.

The indirect, flexible V belt drive of all rotor spindles protects the gears against shockloads. Belt tension is easily adjustable. Most belts have an automatic spring loaded belt tensioner.

The cantilever design headstock enables the front mounted version of our rotary toppers to be pulled rather than pushed. This protects the machine and provides a full floatation effect. A reversible gearbox accepts either clockwise or anti clockwise rotation.

Models LB-245V and LB-275V can be offset to cut clear of the left hand tractor wheel track.