How to protect your tractors and machinery from theft with CESAR.

Did you know that CESAR marking of agricultural machinery has contributed to a 60% decline in thefts since the scheme was launched in 2007?

That’s 60% fewer farmers put to the inconvenience of coping without the equipment they need, often at busy times of the year like harvest, never mind the cost and time of replacing the lost machine.

We’re now registered as a certified CESAR dealership and can provide and fit the state-of-the-art Datatag ID technology to new and existing tractors, as well as all types of self-propelled and trailer-mounted equipment.

The sophisticated multi-layered security system basically gives each machine its own unique ‘fingerprint’, which is impossible for thieves to remove. The CESAR Datatag security is made up of various elements, both visible to act as a deterrent and covert to aid identification and recovery.

Firstly, there’s a number of tamper-proof registration plates that are securely fitted to the machine’s chassis. A number of Datatag RFID transponders, each the size of a grain of rice, are hidden in the machinery, each with its own unique programmed code. The machine also has patches of chemical forensic liquid Datatag DNA painted on it, which has microscopic Datatag Datadots® suspended in it that are barely visible to the eye.

It’s literally impossible for thieves to remove all the telltale identification traces from a CESAR registered machine.

Many of you will recognise the triangular CESAR registration plate which now acts as a significant deterrent against theft. Thieves don’t like risking themselves unnecessarily and would rather steal an unmarked tractor than one protected by the police-approved CESAR scheme.

Its almost unbeatable layers of security marking technologies also make it an invaluable aid to recovery, with CESAR marked machines more than twice as likely to be recovered as unmarked equipment. Hence why all major insurance companies offer discounts of up to 20% on premiums and reduced excesses for cover on CESAR-marked machines.

There is a secure and dedicated 24/7 UK secure contact centre and strong links with the police, to ensure that details of stolen machinery can be circulated quickly, improving the chances of recovery.

One of the best things about the scheme is that there are no annual fees, just a one-off fee for the marking and registering your equipment for life. The cost of having CESAR registration fitted is easily recouped within a couple of years by reducing insurance premiums and excesses, yet the benefits remain for the life of your ownership of that machine.

If you want to chat through in more detail or want to book in to have your tractor fitted with CESAR technology, please do give the office a call on 01580 712200.