Weeders and Cultivators

Clemens ECO ROLL

The “ECO-Roll” BIO mulch roller is the alternative to mulching. Ideal for regenerative and sustainable vineyard and orchard management. The Clemens “ECO-Roll” is perfect for wildflower and cover crop crimping. It compresses the vegetation as the spades fitted to the roller bend and knock down the stalks, thereby producing a carpet of mulch that suppressesContinue reading

Clemens Cultivation Equipment

Mechanical under vine cultivators are not a one-size-fits-all product. Modern systems can be incredibly sophisticated and before choosing a make or model, growers need to think about what they are trying to achieve.  Designed to deal well with hardy weeds, the Clemens is the most effective, robust and comprehensive mechanical weed control tool available toContinue reading

Ladurner Cultivator

These range of cultivators are amazing inter-row hoeing machines! They remove weeds very well taking away any need for chemicals so are suitable for both organic and conventional growers. The sensor arm works around plants or obstacles therefore allowing precise cultivation. “The Ladurner has transformed our organic farm, there  is no other machine that wouldContinue reading

Braun Undervine Hoe

Braun is a German family company, situated in the heart of a wine-growing region and have been designing and manufacturing machines since 1958. Working in addition to the Braun Rollhacke, this set-up really is the most cost-effective method of weeding around the trunk and is particularly popular with those who are using fewer chemicals. While theContinue reading

Braun Vine Trunk Cleaner

A chemical-free solution for the removal of vine suckers and concentrating the vigour towards the main growing canes, the Braun Vine Trunk Cleaner is an essential springtime maintenance tool which can control growth between the vines and can clear vine prunings from under vines in preparation for mulching. A labour and cost-saving solution which hasContinue reading

Braun Vario Cultivator

Tool carrier system –  one basic frame to which a wide range of attachments can be fitted. Depending on attachments chosen it can be used as a sub-soiler, with chisel plough blade, adjustable scalloped discs or as a duck foot cultivator.

Braun Rollhacke

The Braun Rollhacke loosens the soil, breaking down clods and successfully disturbs and lifts the weeds in the ground. It is gentle enough not to throw the soil into the row therefore keeping the alleys tidy. It is designed for quick and practical environmentally friendly work. The principle is similar to that of a discContinue reading