Mechanical weeders and cultivators

NP Seymour Front-Mounted Tool Carrier

Designed and built by NP Seymour Ltd, this front-mounted tool carrier frame can be fitted with various mechanical weeding implements from a number of manufacturers, including Braun. Manufactured here at our Avon Works site in Cranbrook, Kent, all frames are built bespoke to specification so growers can choose if they want it to be single- or double-sided, hydraulically orContinue reading

Ladurner Cultivator

The Ladurner cultivator is a robust inter-row hoeing machine for complete herbicide-free weed control in conventional and organic orchards and vineyards. It has two rotors with blades with an adjustable working depth of up to 10cm. Sensor bars ensure that the machine is set to the right width and works around the tree or vineContinue reading

Braun Undervine Hoe

Braun is a German family company, situated in the heart of a wine-growing region and have been designing and manufacturing machines since 1958. Working in addition to the Braun Rollhacke, this set-up really is the most cost-effective method of weeding around the trunk and is particularly popular with those who are using fewer chemicals. While theContinue reading

Braun Vario Cultivator

Tool carrier system –  one basic frame to which a wide range of attachments can be fitted. Depending on attachments chosen it can be used as a sub-soiler, with chisel plough blade, adjustable scalloped discs or as a duck foot cultivator.