Braun Vine Trunk Cleaner

The Braun Vine Trunk Cleaner offers vineyards of all sizes an environmentally-friendly way to effectively bud rub and control weeds in the under-vine area, like a strimmer would, without interfering with the soil structure.

Bud rubbing is a straightforward and important job. Removing unwanted shoots from the trunk not only keeps the vineyard looking tidy but also enables the vine to focus on putting its energy and nutrients where they’re most needed to grow quality grapes. While established vines have fewer buds to remove from the trunk, it’s still a job which needs to be done each year for the lifetime of your vineyard. 

One chemical-free labour, cost and back-saving solution for the removal of vine suckers is the Braun Vine Trunk Cleaner. This essential springtime maintenance tool has been used by vineyard managers looking to be more efficient and environmentally friendly since 1977.

The suspension-mounted tool, which is available in a single- or double-sided set-up, features a series of rubber paddles which brush away watershoots and suckers without causing damage to the vines.

While removing unwanted shoots, the Vine Trunk Cleaner also acts as a mechanical weeder and can control unwanted vegetation growth and weeds between the vines, without disturbing the soil.

Handy for the end of winter, early spring season, it can also clear vine prunings from under vines in preparation for mulching.

The Vine Trunk Cleaner comes in two models with the W1 working at a height of 350mm, and the W2 working at 600mm. Oil requirements are 20 l/min.

With its modular construction, operators can mount this implement on the Braun Alpha mower or on the universal Braun cultivator frame. Equipping the tractor with a rear-mounted mulcher/mower, a mid-mounted tool such as the Rollhacke, and finally, the front-mounted Vine Trunk Cleaner will enable growers to complete all spring maintenance jobs in one pass.