Braun Vine Trunk Cleaner

A chemical-free solution for the removal of vine suckers and concentrating the vigour towards the main growing canes, the Braun Vine Trunk Cleaner is an essential springtime maintenance tool which can control growth between the vines and can clear vine prunings from under vines in preparation for mulching.

A labour and cost-saving solution which has been in use since 1977, Braun’s Vine Trunk Cleaner is for vineyard managers looking to be more efficient and environmental around the vine. Available in single- or double-sided setup, the Vine Trunk Cleaner comes in two models with the W1 working at a height of 350mm, and the W2 working at 600mm. The suspension mounted tool features a series of rubber paddles which brush away watershoots and suckers without causing damage to the vines.

With its modular construction, operators can mount this implement on the Braun mulcher/mower Alpha and Avant, on the cultivator Vario or on the universal cultivator frame. Equipping the tractor with a rear-mounted mulcher/mower, a mid-mounted tool such as the Rollhacke, and finally, the front-mounted Vine Trunk Cleaner will enable growers to complete all spring maintenance jobs in one pass.