Braun Alpha

The Braun Alpha has been designed for mowing grassed vineyards and orchards and for mulching of vine and orchard prunings. By mulching weeds and prunings you are returning important substances to the soil and generating a build-up of humus.

One of the key features of this mower is its ability to adapt to a variety of row widths or slopes which allows for efficient work. Using a sensor switch, the variable width Alpha is able to continuously adjust to the row widths regardless of what it encounters along the way.

Distinctive BRAUN advantages include:

  • Adjustment of the working width while driving
  • Easy to use
  • Compact construction for easy manoeuvring on headlands
  • Cutting height continuously adjustable
  • Cutting height is precisely maintained
  • Maintenance-free stabiliser roller bearings
  • Integrated implement mounting for vine stem cleaner, spray nozzles, etc.

The warp-resistant base frame with maintenance-free and precision-mounted side plates make the Alpha 2000 a robust and durable implement.

The external gear transmission is located on smoothly routed U-rails, which are connected to the large, easily-maintained bearing blocks. This results in a solid and stable frame so that the hexagonal shaft only transfers the driving power of the transmission: essential for the continuous variable width sensing.

The 5 mm-thick ball bearing stabilising wheels mounted on the base frame guarantee superior stability. Integrated implement support brackets of 50 x 50 mm for other accessories (such as vine stem cleaner etc) allow for additional work procedures to be performed simultaneously. Even vine prunings can be mulched thanks to the sturdy construction of the Alpha 2000.

The intelligent Alpha can automatically adjust the working width through its sensing device. The 250 mm per cylinder stroke results in a width adjustment range of 500 mm (with Alpha sensotronic 1300- 1800 mm).

Integrated electronic control enables the following possibilities:

  1. Double-sided automated operation
    Individual scanning with sensors and asymmetrical piloting allow for the sides to adjust to the width of the row independently of one another.
  2. One-sided automated operation (i.e. on terraced terrain)
    Both sides can be separately switched into the automatic mode. With the electronic control, the side that faces the slope can be manually positioned. The side leaning towards the vine row can be contacted with the sensor. This prevents a side of the Mulcher from pushing into the slope.
  3. Manual control
    In manual mode, each side of the Mulcher/Mower can be individually set at a specific width either apart or together and this width can be fixed.