ERO Profi Line Vine Trimmers

With no central mast, the Profi Line vine trimmer provides operators with improved visibility while its comprehensive basic equipment ensures comfortable and quick working.  These trimmers are perfectly suited to larger vineyards and the twin hydraulic masts enable the operator to adjust the height, width and angle of each trimming side independently making the machineContinue reading

ERO VITIpulse Defoliator

The VITIpulse defoliator is one of the latest developments from ERO, Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery.  Following the success of its market leading ‘suck and pluck’ defoliator, ERO developed its ‘airblast’ defoliator system to provide customers with a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that allows operators to utilise a combination of airblast technologyContinue reading