ERO VITIpulse Combi Defoliator

Defoliation re-defined

Every year it seems the time frame for defoliation is too short and growers face great time pressure to get the job done. Often mechanical defoliation cannot be completed in time, which generates higher labour costs due to additional manual defoliation, or in the worst case, it leads to a loss of quality because the defoliation does not take place, or has been done too late.

With the VITIpulse Combi this is now a matter of the past.

Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery ERO now offers the ‘best of both worlds’ combined in one defoliator head.

The combination of pneumatic air blast and roller defoliation technology in one head opens new opportunities for customers that are beyond the limits of traditional systems on the market.

By bringing together the both world market-leading defoliation systems, the premium defoliation quality and highest speed are now combined in one task.

In addition, with the VITIpulse Combi a more targeted result can be achieved and significantly less damage will occur. It has been found that the previous removal of the external leaves by the EB 490 P results in better penetration of the inner part of the fruit zone by the VITIpulse and hardly any damage is caused to the fruit. This in turn extends the time window, which means that considerably more area can be managed during the season.

How you benefit

  • Premium defoliation quality is achieved at unparalleled driving speed
    • By removing the outer leaves with the proven roller defoliator, a lower level of working pressure is required
    • A targeted penetration of the inner part of the fruit zone with airblast defoliation
    • Bunch cleaning
  • Flexible use of the two defoliation systems
    • Either the combined use of both systems at the same time or individually and independently from each other
    • The intensity of defoliation can be set separately for either side
      EB 490 P: Adjustment of roller-/ fan rpm, with mirror function
      VITIpulse: Adjustment of rotor speed (rpm) and air pressure
  • Multiple adaptation to the trellis thanks to numerous adjustment options
  • Longest period of use: The Vitipulse Combi can be used from flowering throughout the whole season prior to harvesting

VITIpulse Combi Terminal

The VITIpulse terminal gives the driver complete control over the most important machine parameters from the cab. Airburst intensity and oil temperature can be monitored via the user-friendly display. The rotational speed of the rotor can be adjusted via the control button on the terminal. The driver can also influence work results by varying the driving speed.

The terminal includes:

  • The display and adjustment of the rotor speed
  • The display of the compressor oil temperature
  • The pressure display (intensity of air bursts) – with safety shutdown in case of excessive pressure

Standard equipment

  • VITIpulse Combi-Terminal Display and adjustment of pressure (safety function in case of excessive pressure), VITIpulse rotor speed (rpm), and compressor oil temperature
  • Parallelogram unit suspension
  • Impact protector
  • Hydraulic width adjustment
  • Manual adjustment of fan angle
  • Defoliator heads with stainless steel front shield and guide runners to protect trellis equipment
  • No tools required for opening the housing for cleaning and maintenance
  • Double-acting hydraulic mast with cylinder inside the mast, 800 mm stroke
  • Storage stand
  • VITIpulse compressor unit – Compressor unit on frame with universal three-point support compatible with category I and category II. Quick connectors (Camlock) VITIpulse Combi. Universal joint shaft. Muffler.


  • Individual air shut-off on VITIpulse defoliator heads
  • Continuous adjustment of the defoliation rate (fan speed) up to switching off the defoliator heads (each defoliating on the right or on the left) – with mirror function
  • Comfort control or reversing valves
  • Support for lift with hydraulic angle adjustment
  • Hydraulic tilt of defoliator heads
  • 1100mm hydraulic mast with 800mm stroke

Optional compressor unit

  • Wheelset (pendulum axles as full-floating axles) for the compressor rack tires: 15×6.00-6 (Ø: 368, width: 154, rim Ø: 6‘‘) adjustable external width 1.05 m to 1.35 m, swing axles (can be blocked for dismount and road travel)