Fruit Tec REDpulse Duo Defoliator

The pioneering REDpulse Duo pneumatic orchard defoliator has been developed by German manufacturer Fruit Tec in partnership with ERO, Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery, which produces the Leaf Stripper Professional, VITIpulse and VITIpulse Combi vineyard defoliators.

Today’s top fruit growers are under a lot of pressure from supermarket buyers who recognise that consumers are drawn to bright, attractive-looking fruit. To help growers get more even and better colouration on their red apples, the REDpulse Duo defoliator removes most of the leaves so that fruit skins are clearly visible and exposed to more intense and even light and heat.

The pneumatic REDpulse Duo emits a high-frequency pulsating air stream to remove leaves from the middle to lower half of the tree. This, in turn, helps to aerate fruit, reducing disease pressure, and allows for more sunlight to penetrate through the canopy to the fruit, increasing colouration. It also makes picking easier and growers have reported that more uniformed fruit has led to a higher number of apples picked in the first pick of trees that have been treated with the REDpulse Duo.

Part of a modular system, the REDpulse Duo defoliator can be attached to the same frame as Fruit Tec’s other equipment, including the Darwin blossom thinner and Edward mechanical pruning saw, making it a cost-effective option for commercial growers looking to mechanism thinning and pruning.

Key benefits of the Fruit Tec REDpulse Duo:

  • Increased light and temperature exposure
  • Compact harvest window
  • Even colouration
  • Number of pickings reduced
  • Better aeration and less humidity on fruit skin (fungal infections)
  • Comfortable operation via joystick and tablet or smartphone
  • Front attached for optimal view
  • Fits to Edward comfort system


Operating Height570 mm – 1.210 mm
Operating Depth400 mm – 600 mm
Operating Pressure0.6 bar – 09 bar (adjustable)
Driving Speed1.8 km/h – 2.5 km/h
N° of Rotors2 (Duo), each 2 nozzles
Power demand PTO60 kW (81 PS)