Mechanical weeder performs even in tough conditions

Following a tour of NIAB EMR’s research vineyard, visitors to the Fruit Focus show were able to see a working demonstration of the Clemens SB Compact with Radius SL +, which was hosted by Paul Tuteirihia from Clemens. While the extra dry soil was not ideal for mechanical weeding (we advise growers to use mechanicalContinue reading

Variable rate spraying technology now available for orchards

Over the last 3 years, we have been working on an Innovate UK funded research project. The variable rate system, which we have built into a KWH sprayer, will adjust the spray output throughout the orchard tree-by-tree and can turn nozzles on and off to apply different rates at different tree heights.

Electric beneficial insect applicator launched

To help alleviate the issues growers are facing with the manual application of beneficial predatory insects and mites, we have been working on a new initiative with Bioline AgroSciences, which produces natural enemies for use in Integrated Crop Management programmes. We have co-created the Bio Applicator, which we officially launched at Fruit Focus on Wednesday, 13 July 2022.

Regenerative agriculture is on a roll!

As we move in search of ever more sustainable orchard and vineyard management practices, it seems that an increasing number are taking up practices that fall into a new category called regen ag. Initially ‘discovered’ in the 1980s, it seems regenerative agriculture has been recently rediscovered. Similar in many respects to organic and biodynamic practices,Continue reading

NP Seymour Open Day 2022

You are invited to our dealership open day. Come and meet the team, catch up with fellow growers and see a complete range of specialist fruit and vine machinery. DATE: THURSDAY 24 MARCH TIME: 1PM – 5PM NP Seymour, Avon Works, Marden Road, Cranbrook, TN17 2PT Please RSVP using the form: RSVP: NP Seymour OpenContinue reading

What to do with your winter prunings?

When it comes to clearing the orchard or vineyard rows of prunings, there is little doubt that pulverising, or flail mowing in-situ, is the easiest, most environmentally friendly, and sustainable approach. Burning the debris may look photogenic and can provide a bit of natural warmth for the pruning team, but it pollutes the air, upsetsContinue reading

Mechanical weeding just as effective as herbicide

The results of an integrated weed management trial have demonstrated that mechanical weeding is just as effective as herbicide when it comes to vine health and increasing yield. In a talk hosted at NIAB EMR on Friday 24 November, Flora O’Brien, from NIAB EMR, and Paul Tuteirihia, from Clemens, the manufacturer of the mechanical weedersContinue reading

Preparing for pruning season

With the winter pruning season just around the corner, we thought it was time to revisit some of the updates Felco made to its range earlier this year. As the UK’s official sales and service centre for the electronic and pneumatic secateurs manufacture, we’ve been providing fruit growers and viticulturists with Felco’s wide range ofContinue reading