Founded in 1974, NP Seymour is a family-run business dedicated to helping fruit farmers, hop growers, packhouse managers and vineyard owners with all their equipment needs.

“We decided to go with the Fruit-tec mainly because we will also be able to attach the Darwin mechanical blossom thinner, and a hedge cutter attachment for pruning, to the same frame. NP Seymour has been very good to work with. They came out to help us set it all up and spent an hour with us out in the orchard. There have been no problems at all.” 

Peter Kemp, Farm Manager at Boxford (Suffolk) Farms.

“In terms of cost savings, the Darwin is about 1/20th the cost of thinning out too many apples by hand later in the season. It has saved us a lot of money. It paid for itself in year one with the reduction in hand thinning costs and is now a key part of our orchard management programme.”

Will Jackson, Man of Ross, Ross-on-Wye

“The service from NP Seymour is fantastic. I know that I can phone the office with any engineering questions, even if it’s about a piece of equipment they don’t supply, and Nick will always come up with a solution.”

Matt Strugnell, Vineyard Manager at Ridgeview Wine Estate