AgroFrost FrostGuard

Instead of warming up the atmosphere, the AgroFrost FrostGuard uses phase transition to protect your orchards and vineyards. By controlling the ice forming and recuperating the energy that is liberated when vapour changes into ice, the FrostGuard provides excellent protection with a minimum input of energy.

The Frostguard was specially developed for fruit growers, grape growers and vegetable growers, to be used in greenhouses, plastic tunnels and small vineyards and orchards. But the FrostGuard is so flexible and easy to use that more and more growers buy it for larger areas, especially since the machines can be equipped with an Auto- Start System.

The first FrostGuards were sold in 2007 with the Revolution model being introduced in 2016. The AgroFrost FrostGuard Revolution is smaller and lighter than the previous model. It’s completely closed with doors on all sides, which are insulated, along with the roof to prevent condensation and to reduce the noise. The Revolution can be equipped with an Auto Start System so you only need to set the temperature at which the machine should start.

The FrostGuard has a gas burner and a powerful fan driven by a petrol engine that runs on propane gas. You just have to start the engine and adjust the temperature, and the FrostGuard does the rest. The outlet of the fan turns around 360° continuously, protecting an oval or round area. Machines can be spaced out in groups in relation to the shape and area to be protected.

S20 specifications:

  • The S20 with the outlet just above the ground is ideal for orchards.
  • It can also be used in some vineyards and some low crops.
  • The capacity depends a lot on the density of the trees.
  • It covers a surface between 0.7 and 1 hectare.
  • The complete machine rotates constantly 360°.

The FrostGuard can also protect crops in places where no water is available, it can be used not only during radiation frost but also during wind frost, and a lot of growers also use the FrostGuard to improve fruit set.

The AgroFrost FrostGuard can be used almost everywhere and for several applications including, night frost protection in orchards for all kinds of fruit, in vineyards, in greenhouses and plastic tunnels, for strawberries, raspberries, flowers, vegetables, apples, pears, peaches, plums etc.

It can also be used to improve the fruit set in low temperatures during blossom. And to raise the temperature in plastic tunnels, to bring forward the first harvest date at the beginning of the season, or to pick later at the end of the season.


  • Better fruit set.
  • Better fruit quality.
  • Investment can be spread over several years.
  • At very low temperatures, it’s still possible to get complete protection by putting more machines closer together.
  • After start up, it works automatically.
  • Can be used in greenhouses or plastic tunnels.
  • Ideal for smaller plots but also suitable for bigger ones.
  • Easy to move, mobile, not a fixed installation.
  • Easy to start up, easy to shut down.
  • Can be equipped with an Auto Start System.
Technical DataS20
Engine (runs on propane)Greengear 14 HP mono-cylinder electrical starter
BodyworkCompletely closed
Maximum capacity1 ha
Dimensions (LxWxH)1200x775x1200
Weight without gas cylinders325 kg
Average gas consumption10.5 kg/h
Air distributionmachine rotates
Auto StartOption
Bottle holdersPossibility to mount 4 pcs
Transportable with gas bottles in the holdersYes
Noise Level DbDistance to the machine in meters
44.470m with engine stopped