Fischer Mower GL4

This rugged, robust compact blade mower can be used in any aisle width thanks to the continuous and hydraulic adjustment of the working width with collision protection.

The Fischer GL4 features two arms which swing out horizontally. The non-rotating protection disc under each blade, skid plates on the swing arms and the support wheels ensure optimised ground adjustment on uneven ground to maintain the cutting height.

Two precision sensors with hydraulic precision control allow gentle and accurate mowing right up to the base of the trunk, avoiding the need for herbicides. Once the trunk or obstacles are detected, the hydraulic ram is triggered to retract the swing-wing and ensures clean mowing while being gentle around the vine.

The GL4 mower comes in a range of front- or rear-mounted configurations, with growers also able to opt for hydraulic side shift. The most popular machine is the rear-mounted GL4-T which comes with hydraulic precision sensors on both sides, grass chutes on both sides on the swing wings, mounted slide disks on the swing wings and height-adjustable wheel rollers.

The smaller GL4W / 45 / 60 mower is more suited to small vineyards or can be used in tabletop strawberry tunnels with tractors of 20 horsepower and up. One constant flow hydraulic service is required and a free flow return.