Defoliators and Deleafers

REDpulse Duo

This pioneering orchard defoliator, which aims to improve colour and Class 1 fruit, has been developed by German manufacturers Fruit-tec. Working in partnership with ERO, Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery who produce the Elite and VITIpulse defoliators, Fruit-tec recently released its REDpulse Duo for top fruit growers. Today’s growers are under a lotContinue reading

ERO VITIpulse Combi Defoliator

Defoliation re-defined Every year it seems the time frame for defoliation is too short and growers face great time pressure to get the job done. Often mechanical defoliation cannot be completed in time, which generates higher labour costs due to additional manual defoliation, or in the worst case, it leads to a loss of qualityContinue reading

ERO Elite Defoliator

Benefiting from the highest defoliation quality on the market, the ERO Elite Leaf Stripper is rapidly becoming the mechanical defoliator of choice in the UK.

ERO VITIpulse Defoliator

The VITIpulse defoliator is one of the latest developments from ERO, Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery.  Following the success of its market leading ‘suck and pluck’ defoliator, ERO developed its ‘airblast’ defoliator system to provide customers with a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that allows operators to utilise a combination of airblast technologyContinue reading

BMV Vineyard Defoliator

Removes the basal leaves to increase grapes exposure to the light and allow the air circulation. Saves a lot of time and labour and can also make the harvest easier. Conical discs  tear down the sucked leaves. An optional cutting bar in the front can be fitted. Download brochure