ERO Leaf Stripper Professional

Benefiting from the highest defoliation quality on the market, the ERO Leaf Stripper Professional is rapidly becoming the mechanical defoliator of choice in the UK. 

By plucking the leaves gently from the vine without damaging fruit, these defoliators can be used from flowering all the way through to harvesting. Good ventilation in the fruiting zone reduces the risk of botrytis and other fungal diseases, improves spray targeting and efficacy, and also increases exposure to sunlight.

Based on the internationally successful BINGER defoliation system, the proven system of counter-rotating rollers, combined with new blower technology, delivers perfect results at high driving speeds. ERO, Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery, offers defoliators that can be equipped with up to four working heads to suit small- and large-scale vineyard enterprises, including single in row, roll-over and double in row defoliator configurations.

The ERO Leaf Stripper Professional housing covers, made of stainless steel, can be opened in a few simple steps without tools for cleaning. The patented cleaner comb keeps the rollers from clogging. No cleaning is required during vineyard use. Outstanding efficiency due to less frequent routine cleaning and reduced cleaning/maintenance costs thanks to greaseable bearings.

The angles of the masts and defoliator heads can be adjusted ‘on the go’ from within the cab, while the parallelogram linkage allows the heads to follow the contours of the canopy with optimised pressure to ensure good performance without damaging grapes in the process. 

A safety breakaway ensures minimal damage in the event of unexpected incidents, and the German-engineered components and system design have proven ERO vine defoliators to be industry-leading performers.

Two sided ERO Leaf Stripper Professional specifications:

  • Defoliating height: 490 mm, minimum row width of 1.60 m required
  • Parallelogram function
  • Reinforced head units
  • Hydraulic width offset (motor/chain adjustment)
  • Breakback protection (forward and in reverse)
  • Manual adjustment of angle between fan and foliage wall
  • Electric tilting on fan (optional)
  • Hydraulic tilting on fan (optional)
  • Head offset (gooseneck) required for row widths of 1.60 m or more (optional)
  • Dismount stand for two-sided defoliator (optional)
  • Hydraulic frame with 800 mm stroke with double-acting cylinder (optional)
  • Lift frame holder with hydraulic tilting (optional)

Over the row two-sided specifications:

  • Defoliating height: 490 mm
  • Parallelogram unit
  • Reinforced head units
  • Breakback protection (forward/reverse)
  • Two double-acting 1,100 lift frames, each with 800 mm stroke, for independent height adjustment
  • Two lift frame holders with hydraulic tilting (reinforced, 27° inclination angle to left and right)
  • Hydraulic lateral offset (40 cm per side)
  • Hydraulic width adjustment (30 cm per side) to match foliage wall thickness, clear passage from 10 cm to 40 cm
  • Comfort control with joystick operation for controlling eight double-acting functions
  • Dismount stand with hydraulic lifting
  • Hydraulic tilting at the fans (connection to control unit) (optional)
  • A light set with warning sign (optional)
  • VITIpower 160 hydraulic system with oil cooler, filling volume 80 l (optional)
  • Filling the hydraulic system with 80 liters of hydraulic oil (HLP 46) (optional)
  • Hydraulic retraction system (optional)
  • VITIpower electric proportional adjustment – for shutting down defoliator heads in pairs (defoliating on right or left side respectively) (optional)