BMV Orchard Trimmer FL600P

BMV Trimmer model FL600P (5+5) >For economical orchard management This machine can be used for both winter and summer pruning of fruit trees to control growth and promote heavier cropping. Used in the winter with saw blades and in the summer with knives for faster cutting of the green wood. Can also be used forContinue reading

BMV Vineyard Trimmer E600A

Front mounted vineyard trimmer. This front mounted vineyard trimmer has been designed to eliminate all sliding parts and offers increased visibility for ease of operation. The E600A wine trimmer can be configured in different ways to best suit the size of your vineyard. The different combinations include, with or without the top bar, with 2Continue reading

BMV Vineyard Cutter DE800

Front mounted vineyard cutter. Different combinations available. From 3 up to 6 knives on each side bar, one or two knives at the top bar. One of the side bars is fitted with a spring allowing retractability in front of obstacles. Download brochure

BMV Vineyard Defoliator

Removes the basal leaves to increase grapes exposure to the light and allow the air circulation. Saves a lot of time and labour and can also make the harvest easier. Conical discs  tear down the sucked leaves. An optional cutting bar in the front can be fitted. Download brochure