BMV Vineyard Trimmer E600A

Front mounted vineyard trimmer.

This front mounted vineyard trimmer has been designed to eliminate all sliding parts and offers increased visibility for ease of operation.

The E600A wine trimmer can be configured in different ways to best suit the size of your vineyard. The different combinations include, with or without the top bar, with 2 to 5 knives on the side bar, and finally with or without the bottom bar.

The rotating knives allow for a high forward speed and had been designed to avoid jamming even when working in with dense vegetation.

Growers typically find that there is less maintenance required than a cutter bar and as the E600A is vibration-free, there is no stress on the machine or tractor.

The top cutting bar, if fitted, can also hinge up vertically increasing the overall cutting height of the trimmer and making it good for hedges.

Electrical operated hydraulic rams allow the operator to move sideways, upward, tilted and top bar tilting motions with a cab-mounted control box.

Requires 30-35 l/min oil flow.

The set-up includes a wheeled stand for storage and tractor mounting. Plus a tractor mounting bracket to fit a range of makes and models.

The 3 + 1 model cuts 1.1m side and 500mm top or 1.6m side only.

The 4 + 1 model cuts 1.5m side and 500mm top or 2.0m side.

There is an optional hydraulic tank for tractors with low oil flow. As well as an optional breakaway device for the top cutter.