NP Seymour

NP Seymour Front-Mounted Tool Carrier

Designed and built by NP Seymour Ltd, this front-mounted tool carrier frame can be fitted with various mechanical weeding implements from a number of manufacturers, including Braun. Manufactured here at our Avon Works site in Cranbrook, Kent, all frames are built bespoke to specification so growers can choose if they want it to be single- or double-sided, hydraulically orContinue reading

Tractor-mounted working platform

NEW Our rear-mounted three-point-linkage-mounted working platforms have been developed to make the task of picking fruit from modern growing systems easier and safer. Designed and built at our Avon Works site. The mesh floor and whole frame are galvanised to give many years of service. Access is via an incorporated ladder that forms part ofContinue reading

Bush Fruit Sprayer

This sprayer has been designed and built by us using Micron Turbofan spray heads to meet specialist customer requirements. It is suitable for use in blackcurrrants or other bush fruit. The Turbofan spray heads are hydraulically driven by the self contained hydraulic system at 4000 rpm using a PTO speed of just 450 rpm. TheContinue reading

NPS Weed Sprayer

Designed and manufactured by ourselves, this shielded boom weed sprayer uses twin spray nozzles for a good cover at a low height under the shield and one small side spray nozzle at the end to spray the ground missed between the tree trunks. Spraying can be carried out with less risk of damage through sprayContinue reading

NPS Table Top Strawberry Sprayers

We began designing and manufacturing our bespoke table top strawberry sprayers when a grower came to us looking for advice on improving his sprayer as his control of disease was not effective. We determined that air assistance was needed to penetrate the plants and get a better spray cover. However, as there was nothing onContinue reading