NP Seymour Bio Applicator

The Bio Applicator has been designed and built by NP Seymour Ltd in conjunction with Bioline AgroSciences, which produces natural enemies (beneficial predatory insects and mites) for use in Integrated Crop Management (ICM) programmes.

The fully electric beneficial insect applicator is a self-contained towed machine that is electrically driven, and powered by a battery (lasting approx. 8 hours).

Great care has gone into developing an applicator which will not harm or impact the quality of the beneficial insects or mites being applied.

The Bio Applicator also incorporates a cooled hopper which prevents certain insects from rising to the top when warm, thus keeping everything well mixed and making application easier.

The Bio Applicator is variable rate which allows for the application rate to be automatically adjusted plant by plant.

As with everything we manufacture at our Avon Works site in Kent, the Bio Applicator is of robust construction and also features a fully floating tandem axle for better boom stability.

All units are made to order and can be designed and built to meet your specific systems, with up to 8 application outlets.