Mini GD Vineyard Drill

A compact vineyard drill designed by Weaving Machinery in conjunction with SJ Barnes LTD for establishing grass and cover crops.

The little brother to the Mounted GD, this compact version has been designed to drill grass and cover crops in vineyards and urban environments.

The Mini GD vineyard drill is fitted with all the same features and technologies as the mounted GD, allowing affordable and effective direct drilling.

Fitted with a 300L capacity Weaving Magnum seeder, with an easily accessible volumetric metering unit accompanied by RDS Artemis Lite controls, calibration is fast and simple.

A closed hydraulic suspension system provides individual coulter pressure of up to 200Kg helping to maintain consistent sowing depth across undulations.

Standard specification:

  • 300L Hopper
  • RDS Artemis Lite controls with GPS forward speed monitoring
  • Hydraulic fan
  • 2 row coulter bar with a row spacing of 166mm
  • Work, tank and road lights
  • Tank sieve
  • Available with working width of 1.5m or 2m.
  • Working speeds of 8-12km/h