SOLD Agrofer FVS 35 Side Discharge Spreader

NEW New Agrofer FVS 35 rotary manure spreader with side discharge. Large and small cutting rotors. 3.5m³ capacity plus extra extension sides for compost (4m³ capacity). Hydraulic drawbar. 10/0/75 15.3 tyres. Length 5200mm Height 1650mm Width 1650mm

Agrofer FVS Side Discharge Spreader

Now a number in use in the UK, the Agrofer FVS side discharge compost and manure spreader is suitable for use in orchards and vineyards. It is fitted with a hydraulically operated floor chain which is connected to a rear gate, this ensures a positive and infinitely adjustable feed to the main rotor, a mustContinue reading

Agrofer Vineyard Picking Trailer

These trailers from Agrofer have been designed for carrying bins of grapes or soft fruit and have the option of a roller track chassis to allow easy self-unloading without the use of a forklift. Lengths available for carrying three or four bins. A clever ‘Bascule’ drawbar system gives fantastic turning in and out of tight rows. WithContinue reading