Agrofer FVS Side Discharge Spreader

Now a number in use in the UK, the Agrofer FVS side discharge compost and manure spreader is suitable for use in orchards and vineyards.

It is fitted with a hydraulically operated floor chain which is connected to a rear gate, this ensures a positive and infinitely adjustable feed to the main rotor, a must for spreading compost and mulch. The variable speed floor and rear gate means better control and handling of the material to be spread.

It has a large capacity of 3.5 cubic metres but can also be fitted with side extensions to increase the capacity to 4 cubic metres.

For those worried about turning space on the headland, there is an optional hydraulic steering drawbar available.

The Agrofer FVS side discharge spreader is built with quality materials to ensure sturdiness and durability over time. The sides are built in larch wood to guarantee greater durability and resistance to the corrosive action of the manure acids.

The spreading distance can be altered by changing the two adjustable guards on the manure outlet, and by the spreader roller placed inside the spreading mouth.

It can also be supplied with a Tandem rocker axle.

Agrofer FVS Specification:

  • Localised distribution on rows.
  • Cut-tube profiles structure with galvanised steel.
  • Removable drawbar.
  • Wheels with mudguards.
  • Special rotary ‘super s’ with 2 driving discs.
  • Edge with chain feed.
  • Hydraulic motor for chains with a hydraulic control valve for speed regulation.
  • Axle without brake.
  • PTO shaft.
  • Road light kit.
Model Length mm Height mm Width mm Capacity m³
FVS 25 VINE 4600 1550 1450 2.5
FVS 25 FRUIT 4700 1650 1650 3.0
FVS 35 VINE 5200 1550 1450 2.9
FVS 35 FRUIT 5200 1650 1650 3.3
FVS 40 VINE 5500 1650 1550 3.3
FVS 40 FRUIT 5500 1850 1850 3.5
FVS 45 VINE 6000 1650 1550 3.6
FVS 45 FRUIT 6000 1850 1850 4.0

Please note, the Agrofer FVS can also be fitted with side extensions to increase the capacity.