Bullion Power Harrow

Bullion MekFarmer 80 range

These power harrows are superb machines for working and repairing rutted and untidy ground or alleyways in orchards and vineyards. It levels and rolls, breaking down clumps creating a suitable seed bed. These model types are intended for small and medium size farms.

All versions are fitted with a 324 rpm. gearbox., 260x12mm sturdy blades (for a 22-25 max working depth) and are equipped with sprung loaded side shields which open outwards in case of impact with stones. Standard equipment includes a sturdy rear levelling bar which makes a great job of equalizing of the ground, essential to obtain a perfect seed bed.

On request, single rotors can be equipped with protection collars that prevent stones and pebbles getting wedged between rotors and the base of the trough assembly. All the different rear rollers (CAGE, SPIKED and PACKER) are equipped with a pin adjustment, as standard these are supplied with a packer roller.
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Technical specifications

PACKER ROLLER diameter 406

Model HP Kg Version Dimension (cm) Blades
No. w. depth (cm)
MekFarmer 80-130 30-45 490 130 135 12 8-26
MekFarmer 80-150 40-55 560 150 155 14 8-26
MekFarmer 80-170 45-65 605 170 175 16 8-26
MekFarmer 80-200 50-80 690 200 215 20 8-26