Bullion Power Harrow

The Bullion MekFarmer 80 power harrows, manufactured by Breviglieri, finely break up the soil, refining and evenly distributing it over the entire working width to create a perfect seed bed.

They can break up even the most compacted ground, often in a single pass and are superb machines for repairing rutted and untidy ground or alleyways in orchards and vineyards.

These three-point linkage power harrows have knife-style vertical rotating blades which require less power and so consume less fuel.

All versions are fitted with a 324rpm gearbox, PTO shaft with slip clutch, 260x12mm sturdy and easy to replace blades (for a 22-25 max working depth), sprung loaded side shields which open outwards in case of impact with stones, a sturdy rear levelling bar and a packer roller for a clean finish.

Technical specifications

Packer roller diameter 406

Model HP Kg Version Dimension (cm) Blades
No. w. depth (cm)
MekFarmer 80-130 40-50 490 130 135 12 8-26
MekFarmer 80-150 50-60 560 150 155 14 8-26
MekFarmer 80-170 60-80 605 170 175 16 8-26
MekFarmer 80-190 70-80 690 190 195 18 8-26