Mowers and Pulverisers

Braun Alpha

The Braun Alpha has been designed for mowing grassed vineyards and orchards and for mulching of vine and orchard prunings. By mulching weeds and prunings you are returning important substances to the soil and generating a build-up of humus. One of the key features of this mower is its ability to adapt to a varietyContinue reading

Fischer Mower GL4

This rugged, robust compact blade mower can be used in any aisle width thanks to the continuous and hydraulic adjustment of the working width with collision protection. The Fischer GL4 features two arms which swing out horizontally. The non-rotating protection disc under each blade, skid plates on the swing arms and the support wheels ensureContinue reading

Fischer Mower SL 2 / 3 / 4

Ideal for young plantations with low-hanging fruit. The new precision control allows accurate and gentle sensing of the tree trunk which cannot be damaged thanks to the rubber protection of the swing disk. The swing arm is hydraulically or electrically positioned from the tractor using a controller or electric switch.

Perfect Flail Toppers Series KC

These ‘Perfect’ flail toppers are specially designed for heavy duty usage such as estate maintenance, pasture topping – even of rough and very overgrown land, maintenance of fallow land and set-aside land etc. As a rule the flail toppers can also be used for heavy duty topping in light scrub, as well as for choppingContinue reading

Perfect Flail Toppers Series KT

This heavier duty flail topper is designed to deal with greater quantities that may be mulched in fallow land, set-aside land, for chopping cornstalks etc. In comparison with the standard KC model the heavy duty KT version has the following features: More spacious and heavier body Heavier duty gearbox and an additional V-belt Larger diameterContinue reading

Perfect BGM Pulveriser

This pulveriser can be front or rear mounted on a tractor without any modifications. Useful when more than one tractor does the pulverising. With a universal headstock, hydraulic side-shift and a universal gearbox for any PTO rotation with intergrated free-run. The BKM models have rear rake tines fitted as standard. All pulverisers supplied by us are ‘TwinContinue reading

Perfect BG2 Pulveriser

These machines can be used in orchards, parks, forestry, pastures and airfields etc. They will mulch or chop grass, weeds, corn stubble, rape stubble, cotton, tobacco and sugar cane stalks, brush, orchard prunings, vine branches, potato haulm and much more, with a quick and efficient operation. The ‘Perfect’ pulveriser is low, compact, heavily constructed and suitsContinue reading

Perfect Solo-Swing

This hydraulically driven swing arm can be used to mow around trees, posts etc without damage. It comes with a parallelogram type offset frame with hydraulic adjustment allowing a large offset from the tractor centre line.It is fitted with swing-away blades and has two roller support wheels. The machine has easy adjustment of cutting height,Continue reading

Perfect T&RN Rotary Mowers

Series ‘T’ The Perfect ‘T’ series has been specifically designed for a neat upkeep of grass in modern orchards and vineyards. In order to prevent damage to low hanging branches and fruit, the ‘T’ series has an extra low and streamlined construction, along with with smooth rounded sides. The mower works closely behind the tractor,Continue reading

Perfect Rotary Mowers model LF

Simple but very sturdy multi-purpose mowers for grass cutting in orchards and vineyards, as well as for airfields, camp sites etc. The long , rounded skids allow for fast working speeds up to 8-10 km/h = 5-6.5 mph. An optional rear roller with conical ends can be used for extra stability. Our skid-type mowers haveContinue reading