Perfect KK mower

Designed to deal with heavier working conditions, the Perfect Van Wamel KK mower series will chop prunings up to 10cm (4”) diameter as well as grass and other vegetation such as weeds and cover crops. When fitted with the side chutes, the KK mower can be used to distribute organic matter at the base of the trunks to provide nutrients and act as a blanket barrier to discourage further weed growth.

For maximum security and minimum maintenance, the standard configuration of all KK mower models includes a Walterscheid PTO shaft, a heavy oil bath gearbox with spiral-toothed gears and multiple V-belts (depending on the model and working width) to secure an indirect flexible drive.

The unique Perfect flails are made out of cast steel (sharper and more consistent in weight) and comply with the highest demands regarding insensitivity for cracking and wear.

The standard 2.2 kg heavy-duty flail is less sensitive to obstructions, and chops wood up to 10cm (4″) diameter. The KK mower can also be fitted with special 0.9kg flails that feature a single flat cutting edge that provides a clean and neat cut and an excellent distribution of the cut material.

To extend the life of the mounting ears, extra strong 20 mm bolts are used to mount the flails to the flail rotor. And to keep vibrations to an absolute minimum, all Perfect flail rotors are balanced twice.

A rear roller with a large diameter (152 or 219 mm), large wall thickness and scraper is standard on all models. The easy-to-replace rollers are mounted using large diameter bearings with unique special covers to prevent mud, humidity etc. to enter which extends their lifespan.

Perfect KK mower specification:

  • All KK models are delivered with an adjustable rear opening cover.
  • The thickness of the main cover is 5 mm (13/64”) and the side plates are 12 mm (15/32”). A wearing plate of 5 mm (13/64”) is available as an optional extra.
  • Walterscheid PTO shaft in standard configuration, optionally available with overrunning or overload protection clutch.
  • Rögling (German make) gearboxes. KK-245HD with extra heavy duty gearbox.
  • Indirect drive through 4 V-belts protects the drive system against shock loads.
  • Automatic spring loaded belt tensioner pulley.
  • Available for 540 and 1000 RPM PTO speed.
  • 2.2 kg (5lb) special flails with single cutting edges.
  • Cast steel flails (less wear and less sensible for shock loads).
  • A counter knife for an optimal reduction of the cut material.
  • Mounting of the flails with M20 bolts and brushings in the mounting ears (less cracking and less wearing).
  • High rotating speed of the flail rotor, 2100 RPM.
  • Large diameter of the flail rotor (178 mm / 61/4” KK-180 and 220), (219 mm / 8” KK-245)
  • Large wall thickness (12.5 mm / 1⁄2’)
  • Bearing inside the frame 100 mm KG-150.
  • Rear roller is closely mounted to the flail rotor for an optimal following of the ground contours.
  • Self-cleaning by means of a scraper over the complete length.
  • Conical roller ends to prevent damage to the sod while turning.
  • Large diameter of the rear roller (152 mm / 6”) and large wall thickness (6.3 mm / 11/4”) prevents ruts under wet conditions.
  • Large diameter of the bearings (40 mm / 15/8”).
  • Available with rear wheels instead of rear roller.
  • Maximal offset possibility from parallelogram-offset feature is 590 mm (1’11”).
  • Maintenance friendly and reliable construction.
  • Solid construction of the arms and the connections.
  • Also available with hydraulic offset (Cylinder).
  • Optional rake tines available.
  • Can be used either front mounted or rear mounted and is easily convertible from front to rear.
  • Front-mounted model is pulled rather than pushed (better following of the ground contours).
  • Available for 540 or 1000 RPM PTO speed, for left or right running PTO’s.
  • Maximal offset possibility for the hydraulic offset feature is 590 mm (1’11”).
  • All V-belts come with automatic, spring type, tensioners.
ModelCutting Width (mm)Overall Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Rotating speed (m/s)Min power (HP)