The OCLL ZEN ECO is an over-the-row trailed vineyard sprayer with tunnels designed to recover and recirculate drift, mitigating losses to the environment.

The OCLL ZEN ECO not only applies chemicals exactly where it is needed, but it also ensures that nothing is wasted to the atmosphere as the tunnel walls capture the spray which misses the vine and recirculates it.

The over-the-row design benefits growers looking to cover more acres in less time and the recovery and recirculation of the spray, which would otherwise be lost to drift, also allows operators to cover more vines on one tank.

Tunnel sprayers also offer some protection from crosswinds, allowing operators to spray in conditions that wouldn’t normally be possible with a conventional air-assisted sprayer.

Ideal for vineyards which are close to neighbouring properties, particularly residential gardens, or watercourses.

The OCLL ZEN ECO can also be fitted with a SprayTrol monitoring system which has a number of unique programmable features to help make life easy for operators.

The range of OCLL sprayers from Carrarospray, including the ZEN ECO sprayer, remains the most economically priced sprayers for growers with smaller-sized orchards or vineyards. We have stocked Carrarospray since the mid-1980s and have always noted how these well-built sprayers, which have a modern design to ensure that the unit passes through the crop without causing damage to plants, have consistently proven to give many years of reliable service.


  • Main polyethylene tank with a capacity of 1000 or 1500 lt
  • Independent lifting device of the two tunnels, consisting of hydraulic cylinders, equipped with block valve
  • Modular frame in painted structural steel
  • Reclining platforms for inspection
  • Sprayer washing lance
  • Two tunnels for confined treatment consisting of two pairs of panels mounted on a cushioned support
  • 100 lt tank to wash the circuit
  • 15 lt handwashing tank
  • Independent tank 120 l for containing the mixture which has been recovered
  • Multiple stirrers
  • Three way by pass valve for washing the system without diluting the mixture
  • Calibrated ceramic nozzles for low-medium low-high volume
  • Computer for multi-row sprayer
  • Four-way peristaltic pump with hydraulic drive for the recovery of the mixture intercepted by the panels
  • Gearbox 2 speed and neutral
  • High efficiency turbine d.500 mm connected directly to the power
  • Volumetric pump with 3 membranes of 130 l/m with hydraulic drive
  • Suction filter of 2″
  • Two delivery filters before nozzles
ModelCapacity (l)PumpAir flow rate m3/l – IIØ fan nr. bladesNr. nozzle
ZEN ECO 10001050AR135BP16300500-28+8
ZEN ECO 15001550AR135BP16300500-28+8