The new generation sprayer controller
The SprayTrol instrument is a combined spray rate controller and switch box which minimises the intrusion in the tractor cab.
First tested by us in the UK in early 2015 and released onto farms in July 2015 these units have a multi line display for ease of reading relative information and for setting parameters.
The controller display head can be programed to work on different machines and retains the information relative to those machines. It will accept information from a flow sensor, pressure sensor, tank level sensor and speed sensor.
It will send information to a regulating valve and to boom control valves.
There are a number of unique programmable features to aid the operator, for instance if forward speed drops below a certain level the booms can be programmed to switch off, likewise if the tank volume is running out the booms are switched off.
Simple things to make work easier.
Another well engineered and valuable product from the company where service counts.

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