Grading and packing

Aporo tray packer

Now more than ever, growers are focus on economies of scale, always searching for innovative ways to drive the cost of fruit packing as low as possible. In 2018, on a visit to the Interpoma trade show in Italy, we first discovered the Aporo produce packing robots. A year later we proudly took on theContinue reading

Aweta Grading Lines

Aweta are innovators in the world of sorting and packing technology. They are able to offer market leading solutions to internal and external defect sorting, along with total process control with tracking and tracing systems and provide competitive packing and sorting packages. Aweta are a global company with a world of experience and international thinkingContinue reading

Perfect Dry Bin Tipper

Fitted with cushioned holding lid this will gently handle your fruit. Automatic adjustment of the bin tipper with photocell for speed of unloading fitted as standard.

Perfect Grading Lines

As fruits such as apples and pears require delicate handling, to make sure that only the highest quality pieces reach the customer, all Perfect grading machines are developed with minimum transitions to prevents damaging while ensuring precise sorting and offering maximum returns. There is a large number of sorting solutions available from Perfect ranging fromContinue reading

Aweta Bagger

Designed to fill automatically fruit into bags. When mounted on the outlet of a grader, the grader will measure the weight of the fruit. The computer will determine the optimal combinations of the weight in order to achieve the most accurate filling weight of the bag. The system can also be used to put a user defined amountContinue reading