Aweta Grading Lines

Aweta are innovators in the world of sorting and packing technology. They are able to offer market leading solutions to internal and external defect sorting, along with total process control with tracking and tracing systems and provide competitive packing and sorting packages. Aweta are a global company with a world of experience and international thinking able to meet the demands and trends of your markets.

The Cup Grader

The Cup colour/weight/diameter grader is specially made for grading fragile fruits such as apples including bramley, pears, peaches, avocados, mangoes, kiwis along with peppers and tomatoes.  The machine has a large capacity and is available in various models, varying from 2 to 12 grading lines with a maximum of 48 exits. The Cup grader is equipped with the unique CS colour measurement system and has a central grading computer. That makes the Cup grader ideally suited as the nucleus of a complete grading system.

More than just grading lines
The grading systems, with ‘wet’ as well as ‘dry’ feed, are constructed entirely according to specification. This means that, in addition to grading machines, large bin stackers, bin tippers, drying units, unloading belts and filling systems are included in the supply package. Roller inspection tables for quality checking are also available.  We are able to satisfy all the wishes and demands of the user by integrating with either Aweta or another Manufacturer’s equipment.

Everything under control
Aweta’s electronics department has developed the central grading computer especially for the Cup colour/weight grader. This controls and guides the entire grading system, from the feeder lines and conveyor belts to the speed equipment and of course, the grading itself. Just as the numerous other Aweta components are manufactured in-house, the central grading computer also offers all the advantages resulting from our research and development which focuses on ‘practical grading experience’. The processes of the peripheral equipment connected to the grading system are coordinated by the central grading computer of the Cup grader. It is also possible to equip the central grading computer with a PC and printer. This enables you to obtain a clear overview of the daily totals, batch totals, data per exit, etc. The central grading computer can be easily connected to an office computer so that all the data can be incorporated into your administration system.

Unrivalled grading technology
The Cup colour/weight/diameter grader is made of extremely durable materials that ensure long and problem-free use. The meticulous and careful manner with which the machine handles the product, and the uniform grading it provides, contributes to the fact that your product reaches the market in an excellent and colourful condition.