Pessl iMetos Weather Stations

Don’t leave your crop unattended at night when risk of frost is present.

iMetos ice is a remote instrument station for your frost vulnerable area. It reads at 5 minute intervals the temperature from a dry and a wet bulb temperature sensor and sends this information to the Metos client database via the inbuilt cellular phone every hour. All data is retrievable via the internet and on the password protected site you can set alarms for certain temperature levels. Within minutes of the alarm value being reached the telephone numbers that you set will be automatically rung. Additional dry sensors can be attached to monitor temperature up to 300 meters away. A major advantage of iMETOS® weather stations is that they operate independently of any mains supply. iMETOS® uses very little energy and therefore can be run for a long time on the integrated rechargeable storage battery. It is combined with solar cells so that the battery – with its smart charging software for a long life – is constantly recharged. Even in periods of bad weather and in regions with little sunlight, the energy is sufficient to operate the device throughout the year without interruption. . Soil moisture content, soil temperature and rainfall can be added to the system to make this a universal recording station.

All that is required is a GPRS sim card and account.

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