Fischer GL4 Mower

The rugged, robust and compact Fischer GL4 blade mower can be used in any aisle width thanks to the continuous and hydraulic adjustment of the working width with collision protection. The Fischer GL4 features two arms which swing out horizontally. The non-rotating protection disc under each blade, skid plates on the swing arms and theContinue reading

Fischer SL 2 / 3 / 4 Mower

The Fischer SL is the mower of choice for getting right to the base of the trunk. The new precision controls allow accurate and gentle sensing of the trunk without damaging it (due to the rubber protection of the swing disc), making it suitable for young plantations. Available in front- or rear-mounted options, the FischerContinue reading

Fischer Mower BV2

With hydraulic variable width adjustment, this is a rugged, powerful and versatile mower. Three over-sized steel-cast gearboxes, a rugged, hard-wearing and wear-resistant steel plate housing, two counter-rotating blade rotors with four flexibly mounted mower blades ensure a permanently clean cut – even at high cutting speed. Even on steep slopes and on uneven ground, the BV2 canContinue reading